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Zombie Escape Prop Bundle

Zombie Escape Prop Bundle

  • ATTENTION; Due to the sizes and weight of this prop bundle, a $390 flat-rate shipping fee has already been added to the purchase price
  • Comms Puzzle: Morse code communication device mounts in the wall between two rooms and allows two teams to send morse code messages to each other. Illuminated buttons, locking utility hatches, keypads and maglocks and secret compartments included.
  • W.A.L.K.E.R. Puzzle: 6 custom plaques with letters that players must find and insert them into an electromagnetic puzzle board to spell WALKER. It activates an Exit button with a drilled cover accessed by a push rod. Includes mag lock, and wiring.
  • Meat Hook Puzzle: Custom built device with 8 meat hook hangers, 5 with triggers, 3 without. Includes 5 body parts that players must hang on the correct hooks to trigger a magnetic lock. Includes maglock and wiring. 
  • Heartbeat Puzzle: Players locate the missing wire and connect it to the puzzle box to activate a simulated beating heart inside the custom acrylic box. Players count the heartbeats to identify a pattern that unlocks a padlock. Includes two electrodes with 2 attachable connector wires, recorded heartbeat audio pulse, LED lighting and a combination lock.


Price includes flat rate shipping to lower 48 states. For all other shipping, please contact us for a quote. Thank you!

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