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Attention: Please be aware that multiple groups may join the same experience. The only way to guarantee a private game is to purchase all 8 tickets for a room. Thank you for your understanding!


Giving the gift of an escape room experience is one of the most impressive gifts to give. You can create memories and be the cause of your entertainment instead of sitting around and being entertained. It also takes away the stress of worrying about if the gift you give will be practical or even liked.We believe in the art of an escape room and how it builds creative and unique bonds between people. We would also like to add in a little secret.... (an escape room is a very cool and popular gift!) It is perfect for dates, celebrations, holidays, conquering that pestering boredom that pokes its head around the corner ever-so-often, team-building, and birthday celebrations. It is a phenomenal present and we have a couple of options available for you! The nice thing about these gifts is that the giftee has the ability to pick the room and the time that they would like to play so they get to choose the best experience of their liking! This ensures that the gift you give will be loved. Talk about PERFECT!


4 people: $120

6 people: $180

8 people: $240



We do not offer any other gift certificate options other than the ones listed above. Our rooms are best played with 4-6 players and that is why we offer these two options. If you intend on purchasing the experience for your giftee and would not want them to be paired with other players, we recommend purchasing the 8-player experience to ensure they get a full room reservation. When you purchase your gift certificate the purchaser will receive a confirmation email with the booking number and details necessary to reserve the booking. It is up to you to either forward the email to the person you are giving it to, print out the confirmation, or transfer the relevant information to a giftable card. We do not provide a hard copy of your gift certificate as it is all electronically shared and stored. Thank you for your understanding! We look forward to running their phenomenal experience!

*If you have any additional questions, we can help! Do not hesitate to give us a call at 719-313-9261 for assistance. We look forward to your call.

Here's what people are saying...


"You've gotta go here!  I've been to many escape rooms but this one is of highest quality I've been to. I was highly impressed. The only way I can describe it is that they are of movie set quality." - J.A

"It was very intricate, creative, and unique. The props were so involved! In addition to the           rooms being awesome, the staff is so friendly!" - Megan R.

"I have done escape rooms all over the country and Planet Deadline is at the top of my list.       The rooms are well thought out right down to the smallest detail. Our group of 5 came very   close to solving the first room (Egyptian theme) so that motivated us to try the second room   which has a serial killer theme. Josh was very accommodating and got us in right away. If   you are looking for a fun, yet challenging activity for your group, check this place out! You   won't be disappointed" - Crystal K.

"I've done quite a few escape rooms and this place absolutely takes the cake. The puzzles are   clever, the ambiance is epic and the overall care and attention they put into things really   makes this company stand out! I promise you will not be disappointed by this wonderful   team. I strongly suggest 7 Stones if you get the chance to see it before it's gone." - Chris C.

"We had a blast, if you're questioning about coming...DONT! This is one of the best escape      rooms to attend. It was challenging, exhilarating, and lots of FUN!" - Antanori J.

"This was a great experience. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible." - Heather G.

"Just experienced the 7th stone today! We had a large group and had a blast! Barely made it   out with one second to spare! We'll be back for the Colorado Slaycation! Thank you guys so   much! The Peoples Bank Ladies" - PB Ladies

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