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A Colorado Slaycation

A vacation to die for...

Can you escape Jay's Trap?

Escape Game Colorado Springs

Welcome to Jay Jayson's Colorado Vacations, enjoy your slay...


The place is Colorado and the time is now. You and a group of your friends and family find a slammin' deal on a rental vacation home nestled deep in the Colorado mountains. You imagine all of the s’mores you are going to make under the stars with your loved ones and without thinking twice you book your stay. After all, how could this possibly be the worst decision you ever make?

Shortly after arriving something doesn’t seem right, a menacing note left by the property manager reveals his true intentions and you begin to realize that your life is in danger. However, you are not alone. The spirits of his previous victims remain in the house, and they want to help you to escape Jays trap. Can you identify the forgotten belongings of his victims and follow their clues to safety? Or will you meet your fate at the hands of Jay Jayson? Only time will tell…


In A Colorado Slaycation, you and your team will have to work together and stay focused under pressure in order to escape. This type of room is something we like to call a "funnel puzzle" where the objects you find throughout the room all contribute to your escape. Funnel puzzles are great for larger groups as it includes all of the players in the experience. We have incorporated many custom built puzzles, traps, and special effects into this room for the ultimate experience. Will you be able to escape the full size guillotine trap? Can you decipher the electric chair puzzle? Book now to seal your fate and witness a truly memorable escape experience!


2-8 Participants | Colorado Springs

Frequently Asked Questions about this room:


Q: Is this room scary?

A: We wouldn't consider this room to be "scary". However, there are some elements of fright, such as, but not limited to, fake blood, fake body parts, low lit areas, loud noises, and sudden scares. This room also has some elements of comedy, all of which are PG (no adult humor type things).

Q: I have a child that is under 13, will he/she have fun and will it be scary?

A: While we don't have a definite answer for this question, as every child is different, we can say that we have had many children go through this room and have a blast. We have only had one incident where the child had to leave because they had gotten scared.

Q: I saw in the waiver that it said I may be touched by certain employees, does this room have actors that will be touching me?

A: That statement in the waiver is for our future use, when we do have more involved escape rooms. This room has no actors and none of our employees will be making physical contact with you.

Use the calendar below to select your activity date and book online!

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