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Just like the snow itself, Christmas is sure to arrive every year. After all, Santa and his helpers are the ones who make sure of it. Yet every year still, the Grinch hatches a new crazy scheme and tries his best to steal Christmas. And this year should have been just like any other; with toys for nice girls and boys to enjoy, and bok choy with soy for Leroy McCoy in Illinois to destroy; corduroy…... Ahem, this year should have been just like that, but nobody ever thought the Grinch would succeed.

The time is 11:00 pm on Christmas eve, just one hour before Santa is set to deliver presents to the world. No one knows how, but the Grinch has infiltrated the hangar at Pole Fortress North and has stolen the nametags for all 9 of Santa’s reindeer. You may not know, but the nametags actually store the magic power that allows the reindeer to fly on Christmas eve. This information is kept top-secret to help prevent such a disaster, but the Grinch has figured it out after years of studying flight patterns and protocols at Pole Fortress North. It goes without saying, but if the reindeer can’t fly, presents won’t get delivered, and without Christmas presents, there is no Christmas! (Superficially of course).

This is indeed Christmas’s darkest hour, and that’s why Santa has called upon you; Elf Elite Secret Helper Force 6 Delta Candy Cane Ranger Squad 7. That’s Elf Elite Secret Helper Force 6 Delta CC Ranger Squad 7, for short. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the Grinch’s hideout and recover the stolen nametags before the clock strikes midnight. Our intel suggests the Grinch has taken the nametags to his summer home in South Florida but is not currently at the residence since he is already out celebrating with a known alias, Max. Now is the only chance you will get. Can the elite helpers of Elf Elite Secret Helper Force 6 Delta CC Ranger Squad 7 successfully take back Christmas? Or will the Grinch finally have his way?

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