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what happens behind closed doors, 

              should stay there.

Get ready to escape the moon!



Classification:           Sector 1 Intern

Job Title:                  Area 53 Lab Assistant

Job Responsibilities:    Shadow Area 53 scientists performing their daily                                        duties and learn from our research team how to conduct                                and document experiments on Extra-Terrestrial beings.

Location:                           Moon Base 16, Moon 90009

Room Story:                

                                             You are part of a team of scientists and engineers working at Area 53, a top secret government facility on our moon that is used to test dangerous new experiments. Today is a day like any other, filled with classified information and security protocols, however, today is also the day that something goes horribly wrong. Shortly after finishing your disgusting space breakfast the alert sirens sound off and the station goes into lock down. A hostile genetic experiment has just escaped containment in the Dark Sector, the sector of Area 53 where the most classified projects are kept. Everyone knows when Area 53 goes into lock down that protocol 0 takes effect, AKA "nuclear sterilization". If you don't fancy getting sterilized, then you will need to find a way off the moon, fast. Lucky for you there are rumors of top secret project nearing completion in the Dark Sector that can do just that, but the lead scientist on the project Dr Bishop has not been seen since the lock down took effect. His disappearance may have something to do with the mutant monster that is ravaging Area 53, but oh well, its not like its rocket science or anything right? You will have one hour to complete Dr Bishops advanced project and return to planet Earth before getting blown up into space or being eaten alive, whichever comes first. Try to keep your space breakfast down as you enter; THE DARK SECTOR!


2-8 Participants | Colorado Springs

Frequently Asked Questions about this room:


Q: Is this room scary?

A: This room has elements of space, extra-terrestrials, darkness, and gore. Scared yet? Don't worry, nothing inside of our rooms will give you nightmares.

Q: I have a child that is under 13, will he/she have fun?

A: While we don't have a definite answer for this question, as every child is different, we can say that this room is meant to be suspenseful so if your child isn't comfortable in a suspenseful environment then they may not be comfortable with this room. After all, there is an alien monster in there :) You can always try our other games first as a more mild alternative.

Q: I saw in the waiver that it said I may be touched by certain employees, does this room have actors that will be touching me?

A: That statement in the waiver is for our future use, when we do have more involved escape rooms. This room has no actors and none of our employees will be making physical contact with you.

Q: Is this room well lit?

A: You'll just have to find out :)

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