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Team Building Activities in Colorado

25% discount for teams of 25 or more

to book your team

Experience Team Building like nothing else.


Everyone wants to be known as the "cool boss". Our group team building activities in Colorado provide an excellent opportunity to claim that title. Bring your team to Deadline and boost your teams' performance, all while testing their communication, organization, and critical thinking skills under pressure. After your team completes the room you will receive an evaluation of team strengths and weaknesses based on our experience running escape games.

What we offer:

        Flexible Reservations

        Team Evaluations

        Group Discounts

        A Truly Unique Experience

Interested in bringing your team?

If you are interested in bringing your team, give us a call so we can arrange the best possible group Team Building activities in Colorado with you. Team Building experiences are different than normal bookings. With Team Building, we analyze how well each team member performed throughout the entirety of the experience, and provide valuable feedback on your teams' performance. Click here to contact us or give us a call at (719) 313-9261.

Large Groups:

We do occasionally accommodate to larger groups. If you would like to have more than the maximum number of players allotted to each room, please call us to reserve the additional slot(s).

Frequently Asked Questions about Team Building:

Q: How do I book my team?

A: In order to book your group team building activities in Colorado, contact us! We'd love to talk to you about everything we offer for corporate team building experiences. Click here to get in contact or call (719) 313-9261.

Q: I have a large team over your rooms maximum capacity, will this be possible?

A: Yes, we can accommodate large groups through the use of multiple games that can either be played at the same time or on different days. The total number of players we can handle at one time changes with our escape rooms, but we'll work with you to book your group in a way that is convenient for you.

Q: I saw in the waiver that it said I may be touched by certain employees, does this room have actors that will be touching me or my team?

A: That statement in the waiver is for our future use, when we do have more involved escape rooms. All of our rooms currently have no actors and none of our employees will be making physical contact with you or your team members.

Some of our Team Building clients include, but not limited to;

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Team Building Activities
Team Building in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Team Building
Team Building
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