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The Mad Scientists Lab Puzzle Bundle

The Mad Scientists Lab Puzzle Bundle


Wave Generator Puzzle:
True power! Use the knobs to dial in frequencies that each create a unique pattern. Match patterns to a key to reveal a code. Planet Deadline is not liable for any subsequent earthquakes, tsunamis or other disasters.

Fusion Rod Stabilizer Puzzle:
Volatile fusion rods can only be tamed with this advanced stabilizer! Through trial and error players sort the rods until all 5 are level with each other thus achieving stabilization (and revealing a code).

Tesla’s Laptop Puzzle:
A super computing device that may have been designed by Tesla himself! Discover the remote control, power up the device and decipher the clues to open a secret compartment in the prop. Another profound invention from Tesla!

Liquid X Puzzle:
Many properties of this mysterious fluid are still unknown, Liquid X is the key to untold secrets! Discover a vial of Liquid X and place it in the custom slot, then rotating the circular base will reveal a code in the liquid itself...


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