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Family Activities in Colorado Springs

What do Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods have in common? They are the view from one of the best Colorado Springs Family Activities, Planet Deadline Escape Rooms.   Escape rooms are a fast, fun-filled trend spreading across the country and Planet Deadline Escape Rooms is quickly becoming one of the top attractions in Colorado Springs.

Currently, we offer two very different scenarios for families to play and explore.  They are:

A Colorado Slaycation: players are immersed into their dream bungalow vacation.  As players start to settle in, they realize that the owner of their ideal vacation has had many guests check in but very few check out, at least through the doors.  This unique room is loaded with custom designed props, designed by Room Escape Designs (R.E.D.), and is fun, challenging and frighteningly funny.


"A Colorado Slaycation" was the best escape room I've ever done! All the puzzles actually go with the theme of the room...and the decorations and props were amazing. I really felt like I was in a cabin in the woods/murder house." M White 5 star on FB

Players find spirited clues left behind for them by previous guests.  The trick is to determine which clues are designed to help you escape or which clues lead you further into the killer’s trap.  We promise, that your Colorado Slaycation is a vacation to die for, for your family and friends.

The Take 1 and Take 2: Planet Deadline Escape Rooms have created a unique option for escape room enthusiasts.  You can play in one room but if you have a larger party, or you are a bit more competitive with your family, friends and co-workers, this heist of the century game is for you.  The Take has opened the door to increasing the adrenaline by enabling players to compete against each other and not just the clock. 

The scene:  You are a retired safe cracker and have longed for the safe comforts of civilian life. But, working as a coffee barista isn’t always frothy and as peaceful as you thought it would be for you.  Suddenly, an old friend appears and offers you one last job, the heist of the century and believes only you are the key to riches beyond compare.  Are you in for one last job?

You can play one room or break into teams to take advantage of the twin room.  Some teams have consisted of boys vs girls, family vs family (think brother vs brother), team building for corporations, mothers/sons vs fathers/daughters and many more.  Can you break into the safe and escape before the cops arrive to haul you to jail? Can be you beat the clock and escape before the other team? Find out when you play The Take at Planet Deadline Escape Rooms, today.

Attractions in Colorado Springs


We are currently building our third game, The 7th Stone.  This is another unique game that will have you questioning what you know about time, Egyptian tombs, and the world as you know it.  Stay tuned for more details of this highly immersive, highly technological escape game experience.

Now you know why Planet Deadline Escape Rooms is becoming one of the top Colorado Springs activities and attractions.  We love being in Colorado Springs and are grateful to get to play with all our guests and answer the question, what are some things to do in Colorado Springs? It is of course, to Play Deadline. Call us today at (719) 313-9261 for more information.

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