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      This game is deep. Really, really deep.



    Rumors have it that the legendary crown of Osiris has been found, and you have been tasked with retrieving it. The only problem is; it’s a mile under the sea in the lost city of Atlantis! You and your team of aquatic engineers must dive down to the ocean floor to complete your mission, but beware of the dangers hidden within these ancient ruins… Also, watch out for sharks! This immersive Virtual Reality escape game is sure to take your breath away!


1-4 Participants | Colorado Springs

Frequently Asked Questions about this room:


Q: What will Virtual Reality be like?

A: Whether or not you have had any previous experience with Virtual Reality, we have carefully designed our games to be easy for anyone to play. You will learn the controls in under a minute and quickly be lost in the virtual world as everything is meant to feel as natural as possible. This is not a video-game that is just for kids, its an amazing experience for anyone!

Q: I heard VR can cause motion sickness, will I get sick?

A: While we cannot have a definite answer for this question, as every person is different, we can say that the chances are very slim.

    VR games will generally cause motion sickness because you physically stay in one location, and virtually fly or teleport from place to place in the game, and it gets very disorienting. In our games you physically walk from place to place and all of your natural motor skill stay intact, drastically reducing the chances of getting disoriented, AKA motion sick. You should feel the same as you would walking around your kitchen, except now your kitchen is in space! (Just an example)

Q: Is this room scary?

A: The theme of this room is not scary, however you may feel like you are actually under water! Its all part of the fun :)

Q: I have a child that is under 13, will he/she have fun?

A: We feel that it is hard to go wrong with these virtual experiences and that absolutely everyone will have a blast, especially kids! However, the equipment being used is very expensive and must be handled with care. Due to this we are restricting the age limit of these virtual experiences to 10 years or older.

Q: Is this game one of the most mind blowing things I can do this weekend?

A: ...  :)

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