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Opening Soon... GET READY

This is not a videogame

This is an experience unlike anything else

Deadline is proud to announce our brand new Virtual Reality escape games and adventure experiences!

We are utilizing the most advanced and cutting edge technology available on the market today to power our Virtual Reality games and experiences. What this means is that you are going to get a superior virtual experience with DeadlineVR. The latest VivePRO headsets ensure crisp visuals and immersive soundscapes, while our wireless technology eliminates any chance of motion sickness, giving you the ability to freely move around your virtual space, the way you normally would! There is almost no learning curve, allowing practically anyone to dive in to a surreal new world with ease.

Another breakthrough is our ability to provide a multi-player experience. For the first time ever you can enter a virtual environment with up to 4 players! Whether you are venturing into our Virtual Haunted Houses or taking on a greater challenge in our Virtual Escape Games, you can rest easy knowing your friends have got your back!

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View our growing catalog of VR games!

Space Station Tiberia

Space Station Tiberia web image

Outer Space; Up Close and Personal

A giant meteor is headed straight for Earth! The only way to stop it: board the derelict Space Station Tiberia, reactivate the control systems and repair the damaged laser array. Only the finest of astronauts will be able complete this dangerous mission to save the planet… but unfortunately, they were all busy. So now it’s up to you! Find out if you are more than just a space cadet in this immersive Virtual Reality escape game!


1-4 Participants | Colorado Springs

Depths of Osiris

Depths of Osiris web image small.jpg

This Game is Deep. Really, Really Deep

Rumors have it that the legendary crown of Osiris has been found, and you have been tasked with retrieving it. The only problem is; it’s a mile under the sea in the lost city of Atlantis! You and your team of aquatic engineers must dive down to the ocean floor to complete your mission, but beware of the mysteries hidden within these ancient ruins… Also, watch out for sharks! This immersive Virtual Reality escape game is sure to take your breath away!


1-4 Participants | Colorado Springs

Hospital of Horror

Hospital of Horrors web image small.jpg

Don't Be Afraid...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Virtual Reality haunted houses! Even if you don’t like getting scared, this unique experience delivers a rush like nothing else. There’s just a special something about not knowing what’s around the next corner and facing your fears that makes you feel so ALIVE! Do you dare to enter the Hospital of Horrors? Great for Halloween, but also for any day that you need a little bit of excitement. And don’t worry, it’s not real…

1-4 Participants | Colorado Springs

Booking availability coming soon, stay tuned!

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